Sue has been a psychotherapist, 30
years. Her abilities & facilitating skills
create a dynamic process for people
seeking assistance in areas of their
life in which they are needing &
wanting to change. She is open and
respectful of each person's religious
and spiritual path.

There are many therapies and
techniques that Sue utilizes in her
practice. If a client does not know
what kind of therapy would best suit
them in their healing process, Sue will
recommend the most appropriate
course of action.
Therapies that Sue offer includes; Ericksonian hypnotherapy, EMDR
(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), counseling and
psychotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Neuro Linguistic
Programming, Lifespan Integration, Integrated Body Speak™, grief
therapy, (treatment of anxiety, depression and childhood abuse),
trauma resolution, addiction and codependency counseling (sex
addiction, relationship addiction, partners of sexual infidelity), couples
counseling, stress management voice dialogue (sub-personality parts
work), meditation and breathing techniques.

You may schdule an appointment with Sue in Bellevue, WA by
calling her at:

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